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At Hydro Host Corp, we provide currently three different distinct types of plans in which we currently offer our clients depending on their requirements. Each are more suited to different audiences, we hope to provide you with all your requirements. But if not, Hydro Host also uniquely allow you to build and customize your own plan to suit your business needs.

Personal Plans
Personal Plans are intended for small sized websites who do not require many advanced features and functions.

Corporate Plans
Although the price for these plans are much steeper in comparison of the amount of space/bandwidth received. This is because these plans emphasize on higher priority of support and quality assistance.

Reseller Plans
Wish to start your own hosting business? but don't have large amounts of capital to work with? we can assist you all through the steps in creating your success story and help you avoid mistakes that causes most failings of a business during the beginnings of its operations.

Dedicated Plans
Feel the power and speed of a dedicated server. Power your site and have access to the all powerful OS shell access. Take the uptime and downtime ratio into your own hands. and start your hosting service from it.

Custom Plans
Don't need a few features here and there? ask for a quote on your specifications...
(Coming soon)

Domain Registration
We also are able to register your choice dot com, net, org domain for a very affordable price...
(Coming soon)

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